At CodeSpark, our goal is to provide a deeply educational and unique opportunity for our students. We aim to ensure that each student learns both the core concepts and practical applications of coding. Equipped with this knowledge students will be able to understand the fundamental principles and language of software engineering and be able to utilize their creativity through real innovation.

We accomplish these goals by 1) continually challenging students to apply their new knowledge to complex problems and creations 2) providing a truly interactive and fun curriculum that allows students to use their new skills on projects that genuinely interest them.

Indeed, what makes coding unique is the ability for a student to work on projects applicable to real-world technology and actually see and interact with the result of their work. Whether it be programming robots or a 3D game, students can see exactly what their skills produced with authentic creations.

With this, we challenge students to think critically to solve real probkems. Students, for instance, are often confronted with investigating why a program may not have been executed as planned and thus are required to deeply understand the details of whatever task they were trying to perform and think analytically.

In this regard, students are also continually challenged to think creatively. In many cases, their are a number of different solutions for a given problem and students can use their own creative potential to find a solution.

At CodeSpark, we believe that educating students in coding not only provides skills practical to technology and engineering but also skills fundamental to critical thinking and analytical ability.

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