Is there a cost associated with the program?
No cost at all. The program is FREE :)
Does my student/son/daughter have to have a computer or bring anything to the session?
Nope. We provide computers for each student to use during each session. Many of the lessons and learnings can also be taken home by the students and done on their own personal computers.
Is any prior coding experience required?
No prior coding experience is required. In fact, we assume that each student has no background in coding or computer science.
How is the program structured and what is the time commitment?
The CodeSpark program is divided into 3 day-long (10-4PM) weekend sessions. These sessions take place over a 3-4 month period with each following session occurring 4-6 weeks after the preceding session. The only time commitment is participation in these 3 sessions.
Is there any required homework or preparation?
No, there is no required homework or preparation. We may provide optional supplemental learning material or opportunities, but none is required.
What age groups can participate in the program?
The program focuses primarily on early high school (Freshman and Sophomores in high school) and some middle students (primarily 8th graders).
What is your criteria when choosing from applicants?
We are mainly looking for enthusiasm. We look for students who show a genuine and strong interest in learning how to code. Thus we encourage ANY student who really wants to learn to apply.
Where are these sessions held?
These sessions are held in Manhattan locations. The specific location is based on needs, class size, etc.