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The CodeSpark program is divided into 3 day-long (10-4PM) weekend sessions. These sessions take place over a 3-4 month period with each following session occurring 4-6 weeks after the preceding session.

As the sessions move on, we will progressively move into more advanced material and languages that students can apply to practical creations of their own (web design, development, etc).

No coding experience is necessary for students to participate in the program. Indeed, we assume that no student has any coding experience.


Getting Your Feet Wet with Robot Programming

The main focus of the first session is to show students the fun side of coding by having students write code for real robots.

Students will learn the basics of coding their robot to do whatever they want their robot to do. They will continually learn fundamental coding concepts as they learn how to program their robots. Each student will then be challenged to put their new skills to the test by having their robots used in a variety of fun and engaging obstacle courses and competitions.


Building Your Very Own 3D Animation and Games

The main focus of the second session is to show students yet another side of coding that is equally both fun and educational, by having students write programs to build 3D animated worlds and games.

Students will be taught various important programming concepts and practices while also learning how to program and design their 3D world. Each student will then be tasked to use their new knowledge to create more interesting and complex animations and games.


Getting Real with Real Web Programming

This third session is our most advanced class focusing on the most important and fundamental web programming languages. With this session, students will learn how to code web applications and sites of their own.

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CodeSpark is a free nonprofit program dedicated to helping NYC high school students both learn and experience the fun of coding in order to spark their passion and expand their opportunities.
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