We seek to inspire passion for coding in students while giving them the fundamental knowledge and resources to pave their future in the field.

Codespark was founded in 2011 after a series of conversations about the future of education in America. The founders both share passions for education and technology. They formed CodeSpark as a way to address to the lack of opportunities for youth to develop an interest in technology and coding.

The Founders

Jonathan Mabry has been working at Google for the past three years after graduating from Yale University. With his experience in technology and his passion for education, Jonathan kickstarted CodeSpark in NYC to help students get the opportunities they wouldn't otherwise receive to both discover the fun of coding as well as learn fundamental coding skills.

Kyle Libra is an emerging leader in the technology industry. He laments not choosing the technlogy career path in high school and wants make sure those opportunities are there for others. Growing up he coached a number of youth athletic teams and co-founded CodeSpark as a way to help kids in the local New York community.